Gio Circo, Ph.D.

Gio Circo, Ph.D.

Estimating the impact of an integrated CCTV program on crime

Circo, G. & McGarrell, E. (2019) Journal of Experimental Criminology.

In this study I focused on evaluating the impact of the first 87 businesses enrolled in a city-wide CCTV program called 'Green Light Detroit'. Applying a Bayesian HLM I found that businesses who enrolled in Green Light were more likely to report minor on-premise crimes (disorder and property offenses). Combined with a finding that police greatly increased the number of proactive patrols and stops, we find that CCTV programs are likely to increase detection as well as place additional demands on officers.

Distance to trauma centres among gunshot wound victims: identifying trauma ‘deserts’ and ‘oases’ in Detroit

Circo, G. (2019). Injury Prevention.

This paper was born out of trip I took to a trauma center in Detroit in early 2018. One thing I noticed at the time was the differences in response time based on where in the city a person was shot. I was able to utilize data from the Detroit Police Department on all fatal and non-fatal victims and link the proportion of survial to deaths based on distance to the nearest trauma center. I found that neighborhoods immediately around trauma centers had lower death rates (what I called 'oaises' and areas much farther from trauma centers had slightly elevated death rates ('trauma deserts').